Enter Wingmen Journal

Enter Wingmen Journal

Nice, you're here! Welcome to our journal where we share what we do and learn along the way.

Wait, Wingmen what?

Wingmen is a small web design and development agency based in Helsinki, Finland. We believe that small and tightly knit teams are the best way to build high quality web apps and sites.

We are a two man team. Juha got involved in webdesign, when he developed a site for their Counter Strike team. While Jussi got started by creating a fan site for Baldur's Gate.

The Journal

We do a lot of interesting stuff and we feel some of it is worth writing down for learning and sharing purposes. You'll find that stuff in this journal.

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Below the hood

This blog is running on the Ghost blogging platform. We could have gone with a safe bet like Wordpress, but instead decided to go with Ghost as it's something new and exciting - a chance to learn.