Get another chance -

Get another chance -

Night's been good. Then butterflies in your stomach as you see that someone for the first time. You exchange sparkling looks, a few words, you dance, you touch, you talk and you fall deep into those eyes. Then BOOM - it's all over. You went to see your friends and never ever see that special person again. We think we can fix that! Or at least fail trying.

People meet people all the time, yet so very rarely you get that magical feeling about someone. And then at times you fail to capture the moment, forget to ask for the name or the number. Or even fail to talk at all. In these situations people now turn to classified adds on local papers or forums on the internet. Chances of finding that person are pretty slim.

So we decided to give this problem a shot and created Refindr as a side project. Basically Refindr is a map where you can drop your own heart ( a heart shaped map marker coupled with info like time, venue name and description of the other person ) or search for hearts left by others. To make searching easy you can filter results by location, time and gender.

Refinder is not just about finding that crush of yours. You might also want to find some long lost friend or family member. And if, as we hope, Refinder gets popular, you just might have a better chance at having another chance.

We also got to play with interesting technologies and learned a lot on the way. Maybe we'll do a post on the Refinders stack at a later date.

YOLO, so go check it out: