Temple.fi - For better work days

Temple.fi - For better work days

Temple is a simple web app to motivate you to build healthy habits during the working day. You can find it at https://temple.fi.

We're using Temple to keep our work days at the office productive and healthy. The app reminds you to take breaks and reach set goals for the day. Goals can be anything from doing a set amount of push-ups to drinking enough water. We've been using Temple for a few months now and suddenly we both acquired bodies of greek gods. True story.

Temple.fi - for healthier work days

All jokes aside, your body is your temple and you should treat it like one. Today many of us sit hours on end staring at screens. Some of us do that for very long hours. It's crucial to get up and move periodically - sitting kills you. Taking breaks helps you work more efficiently to boot.

So go ahead and give Temple a spin and see if it could improve your day! Ideas and problems you can send to [email protected].

ps. In addition to using Temple we heartily recommend the combination of a standing desk and a balance board.